Tech Industry Gold Accredited logoTech Industry Gold is the industry accreditation for digital and tech degrees and degree apprenticeships. Designed to meet standards that are defined by employers, Tech Industry Gold programmes integrate industry-relevant academic learning with the technical, business and interpersonal skills new recruits need to excel in digital careers.

Employers of all sizes and across all sectors collaborate with universities to create and accredit degrees and degree apprenticeships that are highly valued by industry. Tech Industry Gold programmes give students the highest quality development opportunity. They not only meet industry standards for content, delivery and assessment, but also offer a unique student experience with the active support of employers.

All stakeholders benefit:

Students can choose Tech Industry Gold programmes with confidence because of their results – including outstanding employment and academic outcomes.

Employers get easier access to exceptional talent and new recruits with the business, interpersonal and technical skills to be immediately productive in work.

And for universities, offering Tech Industry Gold accredited programmes gives access to leading employers, growing new markets and highly engaged students who achieve outstanding results.


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