If you are an employer interested in new talent, join the Tech Industry Gold Employer Network by contacting us on [email protected].

You can benefit in a number of ways

You get easy access to outstanding graduates, equipped with the business, technical and interpersonal skills to hit the ground running. Tech Industry Gold students are highly motivated and achieving outstanding results, plus for those interested in increasing diversity, there are twice as many females on these industry accredited programmes compared to computing degrees overall.

You can set up degree apprenticeships with confidence, using Tech Industry Gold accreditation to identify programmes which meet industry standards for content and delivery. You will also get regular updates with the latest intelligence on digital degree apprenticeships, to help you make the most of your apprenticeship levy fund.

You can collaborate with your peers in industry and academia to influence and support degree provision across the UK. Many employers value the opportunity to ‘give back’ and to promote their organisation by helping the next generation, as well as enjoying working with leaders from across the economy who care about digital skills.

Find out more and get involved

You might want to look at Tech Industry Gold to find out more about industry accreditation. About accredited degrees introduces you to the full time Tech Industry Gold degrees, and the Tech Industry Gold student experience gives you an insight into how employers are collaborating to give undergraduates development opportunities that make a real difference to employability.

You might be interested in degree apprenticeships, either for early recruitment of talent, or to upskill new graduate recruits or existing employees. At degree apprenticeship opportunities, you can see which universities offer industry accredited programmes and, as a member of the Tech Industry Gold Employer Network, you will be able to talk to peers with first hand experience.

If you provide your own training and are interested in gaining Tech industry Gold accreditation, please go to our guidance for education/training providers.


With Tech Industry Gold, you can be confident, whether you are recruiting graduates or looking for high quality programmes for your degree apprentices. We hope to be welcoming you to the Tech Industry Gold community soon.