Future Student / Degree Apprentice

Wanting a degree? Wanting a career?

With Tech Industry Gold accredited degrees and degree apprenticeships you get both.

You may want to study as a full-time student, or you may prefer to integrate your degree with work. Either way, choosing Tech Industry Gold will give you what current students and alumni have referred to as ‘the unfair advantage’! You will get the best possible start to your career, equipped with the technical, business and interpersonal skills most in demand by employers.


About full-time degrees

Tech Industry Gold degrees are developed and supported by over 200 top companies to give you the best possible education and best possible start to your career. There are currently 19 accredited courses at 15 universities across the UK. Find out more about the unique Tech Industry Gold student experience.

There are two types of Tech Industry Gold degree available – BSc/MSci IT Management for Business (ITMB) and BSc Software Engineering for Business (SEfB).

Find out more about the degrees and the universities offering them. Apply via UCAS in the same way as for any other degree course.


About degree apprenticeships

If you want a degree without the debt, and to get started on your career straight away, the degree apprenticeship route offers students the opportunity to learn on the job while earning an Honours degree.

Designed and supported by a growing network of leading employers, the Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships are seen as the fastest-growing route to attracting top tech talent into business.

Find out more about the degree apprenticeships and the universities and employers involved.


More about the Tech Industry Gold network and accreditation

Find out more about the Tech Industry Gold accreditation and the outstanding employment and academic results achieved by Tech Industry Gold students. A look at the Tech Industry Gold Employer Network and TechSkills Employer Board will show you how much industry values and supports these programmes.


Good luck with whichever you choose. With Tech Industry Gold, you will have a great time with your degree study and a fantastic career in the ever-changing digital world.