Joseph Allen

Employer: British Telecom (BT)
Job Title: Infrastructure Engineer
University: Ravensbourne University London
Programme Title: BSc (Hons) Digital & Technology Solutions
Start date: September 2017

Recommendation by Dr Ajaz Ali, Course Director, Ravensbourne University London

Joseph has performed well throughout his studies for BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions at Ravensbourne University London, He has performed at a consistently high level and achieved excellent results. He is a team player, supported the other apprentices and has worked hard to achieve exemplary results.

The feedback from his managers at British Telecom is highly appreciative and positive.  Overall the Certificate of Merit is well deserved by Joseph.

In conversation with Joseph

Please describe your current role.

My current role is working as an Infrastructure Engineer for a VOIP cloud call centre platform called CCNG (Cloud Contact Next Generation). My team plan, build and maintain the network of servers and services that host the platform’s software.

What do you do on a typical day at work?

A typical day at work for me is based around three main areas:

JIRA Tickets – I check my team and individual ticket queue to see if there are any urgent faults I need to investigate/troubleshoot that might affect customers’ service.

 Team/Individual Calls – Throughout the day I have pre-booked team calls to update team members and managers on progress of tasks, then individual calls to help each other with issues and sharing of knowledge.

Project Work – When I have finished tickets and calls, I concentrate on ongoing team projects. This can be anything from improving business processes to coding a new automation tool depending on our expertise. Currently, mine is building out a list of database servers from scratch for the next platform upgrade.

What has been the best experience of your Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeship?

The best experience has been the group university assignments, specifically ones where we had to build our own network of servers for a given scenario. It was very challenging for all involved but had a great sense of achievement once we were able to complete it as was a real collaborative effort to find a solution.

What has been the most challenging experience of your Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeship?

The most challenging experience so far on the apprenticeship has been completing my Final Major Project (FMP) for the degree. This is because we complete our normal job-role duties at work, the practical side of the FMP, and our FMP theory report all concurrently. It has been a lot of pressure to keep up with all three over the past few months, but I have developed skills throughout the apprenticeship to help me deal with this.

What has your employer done to help with your degree apprenticeship that you particularly appreciate?

BT overall as an employer has been very encouraging with my university work, allowing apprentices to have one study day per week when we can complete homework. Managers and team members in all my business rotations so far are always willing to help and have taken time out to talk through work projects with me that I have written assignments on (e.g. project management).

What has your university done to help you with your degree apprenticeship that you particularly appreciate?

My university/tutors have catered to our needs very well. Tutors are always available to email for confirmation or help on tasks. Also, on our university website, they always are sharing extra virtual events and resources that can help us further our knowledge and careers.

What advice would you give someone considering a Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeship?

Personally, apprenticeships such as this one were not promoted by my 6th form as much as the conventional university path. My advice would be to absolutely apply for it. Practical experience is now in major demand from employers in the industry and with this apprenticeship, you can get both practical and theoretical, the best of both worlds. People I have known and worked for that have completed this apprenticeship have excelled in their career path.

What are your career plans?

Currently, my short-term aim is to assimilate into the current team I work for as have found the problem-solving aspect very enjoyable while also giving me the right level of challenge. My long-term aim is to use the skills gained from the apprenticeship to assimilate onto the new manager framework at BT once I have a few years’ experiences under my belt of being in a team member role.

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