Degree Apprenticeships

Tech Industry Gold is the industry accreditation for digital and tech degrees and degree apprenticeships. Designed to meet standards that are defined by employers, Tech Industry Gold programmes integrate industry-relevant academic learning with the technical, business and interpersonal skills new recruits need to excel in digital careers.

TechSkills has worked with employers to develop the digital degree apprentices which are shown on this website. TechSkills also has the authority to accredit degree apprenticeships which meet industry criteria. This accreditation is known as Tech Industry Gold and it follows a rigorous and thorough review of the HEI’s programme. Programmes are only accredited as Tech Industry Gold when an employer panel is satisfied all accreditation criteria have been met successfully.

Degree apprenticeship programmes shown on this website have been accredited as Tech Industry Gold or are in the process of acquiring this accreditation. They equip degree apprentices for work in a wide range of graduate-level tech roles, including business analyst, cyber security analyst, data analyst, IT consultant, network engineer, software engineer and more.