BSc degree apprenticeships

Revolutionising the way young people get started on a tech career

To help companies attract and retain tech specialists, leading employers and Higher Education Institutions (universities and collaborations of private training providers or colleges with universities) have worked with TechSkills to develop a range of digital degree apprenticeships.

Some HEIs’ digital degree apprenticeship programmes are accredited by employers as Tech Industry Gold, which confirms they meet industry standards for quality, content and delivery. TechSkills only promotes degree apprenticeship programmes which are accredited as Tech Industry Gold, or are in the process of acquiring this accreditation.

To join a programme, candidates need to satisfy the employer’s recruitment requirements as well as the associated university’s entry criteria. Once accepted, they are equipped with a range of skills and knowledge: technical skills, of course, but also the business and interpersonal skills that are equally valued by employers.

Why degree apprenticeships?

·         On-the-job training – delivered and tailored to business need

·         High-calibre candidates – find new graduate-level recruits / positions

·         New knowledge – spread new academic and vocational knowledge among existing staff members

·         Skills gap solution – fill employers’ higher-level tech skills gaps easily


Degree apprenticeships from TechSkills

BSc Digital & technology solutions degree apprenticeship

This innovative programme equips degree apprentices with the skills they need to work in a wide range of graduate-level tech and digital roles, including business analyst, cyber security analyst, data analyst, IT consultant, network engineer and software engineer.

BSc Cyber Security Technical degree apprenticeship

With cyber threats on the rise and demand for skills high, 40 employers and 6 universities have collaborated to develop this programme. Recruits will spend 3-5 years combining on-the-job training with campus study.

BA/BSc User Experience (UX) degree apprenticeship

This programme is designed to create professionals who can apply user-centred design thinking to research and develop positive user experiences for any device used for interaction between a user and a system. The course involves 3-5 years of on-the-job training and campus study.

Find a degree apprenticeship

Search degree apprenticeship opportunities – which includes a list of HEIs and employers offering the degree apprenticeships. All are Tech Industry Gold accredited to meet employers’ skills, knowledge, content and delivery needs.