MSc degree apprenticeships

Masters degree apprenticeships help employers tailor the skills of new talent to their most complex and demanding business challenges, offering both new entrants and existing staff the opportunity to study for an MSc degree while working.

Digital & Technology Solutions Specialist MSc degree apprenticeship

This MSc degree apprenticeship is an integrated Masters degree course and apprenticeship, typically delivered over 24 months. It was fully approved for delivery in August 2018.

University plans

A full list of universities delivering, or planning to deliver the course, is available from this website – click here for university details.  If there’s no future date shown, the universities listed are already offering this degree apprenticeship. At this time, these are not committed dates but best estimates only. As plans develop we will update this information.

Employers plans

At present, the following employers are exploring various options but are hoping to launch MSc degree apprenticeship programmes from the dates shown. At this time these are not committed dates but best estimates. As plans develop we will update this information.

Accenture: Estimated start date September 2019.

CGI: Estimated start date September 2019.

IBM: Estimated start date September 2019.

Lloyds Banking Group: Estimated start date September 2019.

Who is it for?

It’s designed for those progressing into level 7 apprenticeships through a range of routes. This will include graduates who have completed a full-time undergraduate degree in an IT or non-IT related field. It’s also suitable for existing staff with the potential for digital leadership positions.


Specialisms covered

The MSc Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist degree apprenticeship will cover the following specialisms:

  • Software engineering
  • Digital business and enterprise systems architecture
  • System test and assurance
  • IT consultancy
  • IT business analysis
  • Data analytics
  • Network engineering
  • IT operations management
  • IT project management
  • Cybersecurity technology
  • IT / digital futures management


Visit the Institute for Apprenticeships website for more details about the standard.

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