Degree Apprenticeships can provide access to some of the highest paid jobs

Tech Industry Gold Degree Apprenticeship graduates from Manchester Metropolitan University are earning higher annual salaries than graduates from equivalent courses in the UK and graduates from Oxford and Cambridge, according to a study by Manchester Metropolitan University in January 2021.

The study reveals that the current earnings of half of the University’s first cohort of Digital and Technology Solutions apprentices, who graduated in 2019, show that degree apprenticeships can provide access to some of the highest-paid jobs in the tech industry an average of 46% higher than a UK computing graduate and 5% higher than graduates from the top five computing courses in the UK.

Furthermore, the levelling-up of life chances provided by degree apprenticeships is also evidenced by young people from deprived areas making up 25% of all Manchester Metropolitan’s current Degree Apprenticeship cohorts, which is significantly higher than the national average.

Working Life after Degree Apprenticeships, Manchester Metropolitan University is available to download

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