Tech Industry Gold degree student work shadows Capgemini Chairman

Nineteen talented Tech Industry Gold undergraduates earned the opportunity to work shadow a digital business leader at a recent event for students, universities, and employers organised by Tech Partnership Degrees.

As one of the unique benefits for students of industry-accredited Tech Industry Gold degrees, each of these students will spend a day with a CEO from the IT industry, or the head of technology (CIO or CTO) from leading companies across the economy.

The shadowing opportunities were awarded as spot prizes to individuals who particularly stood out for their talent and motivation at the Tech Partnership Degrees’ event held in Reading last month.

More students are set to benefit over the next few weeks, thanks to the support of DWP, Fujitsu, Jaguar Land Rover, Telefonica, Capgemini, OpenReach, Network Rail, Digital Catapult, Accenture, DXC Technology, National Grid, Quicksilva, NHS, IBM, Met Police, Mullen Lowe Group, BT, and TATA Consultancy Services.

Karolina Bargiel is studying the BSc IT Management for Business (ITMB) degree course, accredited by industry through Tech Partnership Degrees, at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The Tech Industry Gold degree course has given her the opportunity to work shadow Christine Hodgson, Chairman, of Capgemini UK plc.

Here Karolina explains what she learned from the experience.

‘I had a fantastic day at Capgemini UK plc. Christine Hodgson was very interesting to speak with providing me with great insights into the working world.

My day started off at 9 am. I was given a 30-minute overview of the organisation and details of the structure of the day. I then met with many people from different departments. Finding out what their day-to-day roles covered was truly fascinating. I didn’t realise just how varied tech roles could be and how they change from day-to-day and even from hour-to-hour! I had the chance to talk with employees about their experience and hear their career stories. What I really like about Capgemini is its ethos of working in collaboration with all employees and respecting individuality. They call this the ‘beehive’. It made a real impression on me, particularly the emphasis on diversity – where the breadth of different ideas and solutions that people have brought a richness to a team. I could see how these values were impressed across different departments.

I also discovered how diversity is deeply ingrained in Capgemini’s culture. Not just because it has offices in over 40 countries with employees speaking more than 100 different languages, but it also encompasses gender, disability, ethnicity, age, and lifestyle too.

I spent some of the time during the day observing the daily activities in the call centre – from an initial call to its resolution. I learned how the teams find out about the latest technology trends and how they bring new ideas to the table.

At the end of the day, Christine and I met again and reflected on my day. I spoke about how the experience gave me a true insight into the running of a business. I came away thinking that the breadth of skills, knowledge and shared values across teams, make the organisation what it is.

The work shadowing day made me realise that within large organisations you can hold various roles and work across different departments providing new experiences every day.

Here are 3 things I learned which I hope will help me with my future career planning:

1. Values – working for an organisation which values its employees is important to me when I’m deciding on which jobs to apply for.

2. Diversity – I want to get a job based on my skills and expertise and what I can bring to the table. So, I want to work for an organisation which allows me to foster new ideas and be creative.

3. Networking – the work shadowing opportunity gave me a valuable experience of meeting people in a range of jobs. It’s always important to speak with many people to hear their career stories and network, as you never know they might one day recruit you.

Finally, thank you, Christine and all of Capgemini for spending time with me and providing me with great insights into the working world.

The work shadow experience was made possible by Tech Partnership Degrees and Capgemini UK plc.

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The employer-led, not-for-profit organisation ‘Tech Partnership Degrees‘ is taking forward the Higher Education work of the Tech Partnership, which is closing in September 2018. This includes the industry-accredited Tech Industry Gold degrees – IT Management for Business (ITMB) and Software Engineering for Business (SEfB) – and the Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships.