Tech Industry Gold student work shadows Mullen Lowe Group


Nineteen talented Tech Industry Gold undergraduates earned the opportunity to work shadow a digital business leader at a recent event for students, universities, and employers organised by Tech Partnership Degrees.

As one of the unique benefits for students of industry-accredited Tech Industry Gold degrees, each of these students will spend a day with a CEO from the IT industry, or the head of technology (CIO or CTO) from leading companies across the economy.

The shadowing opportunities were awarded as spot prizes to individuals who particularly stood out for their talent and motivation at the Tech Partnership Degrees’ event held in Reading in March 2018.

Thanks to the support of DWP, Fujitsu, Jaguar Land Rover, Telefonica, Capgemini, OpenReach, Network Rail, Digital Catapult, Accenture, DXC Technology, National Grid, Quicksilva, NHS, IBM, Met Police, Mullen Lowe Group, BT, and TATA Consultancy Services for making these opportunities possible.

Joanna Phillips is studying the BSc IT Management for Business (ITMB) degree course at UCL, accredited by industry through Tech Partnership Degrees. The Tech Industry Gold degree course has given her the opportunity to work shadow David Norton, CIO, at Mullen Lowe Group.

We caught up with Joanna, over the summer, where she reflected on how her creative background didn’t hold her back from pursuing a tech degree.

‘As someone with a creative background, having studied music at a performing arts school, I wasn’t sure what to expect when winning a work shadowing prize at a Tech Partnership Degrees’ event. I’ve embraced the technical sides of my Information Management for Business degree at UCL, yet I began the course with no coding knowledge or any idea of what the term ‘waterfall’ meant outside of a natural environment.

After spending a day at Mullen Lowe Group, any doubts or worries I had about my future career diminished. This was mainly due to the company’s values. Although they are a global marketing boutique company working with a range of high profile clients, they succeed in being independently minded, hiring a range of diverse experts in their fields and they aim for the work in their campaigns to receive an unfair share of attention. They value the creativity of their work the most, which is something I can personally relate to.

Throughout the day I spent around an hour with employees from different departments including HR, marcomms, helpdesk, and digital. I also spent time with David Norton, CIO and Freya Nelson, PA. During this time, it became clearer to me that content from every module on my degree would be mentioned when learning about each department.

I learned that the benefits and drawbacks of IT project management methodologies, such as waterfall and agile are relevant to the working world. Later that morning, David discussed the information architecture and cloud storage systems within Mullen Lowe and how these are all connected within the global company. At lunch, I spoke to David, Freya and Mark, who works in the IT department, about their career paths and their roles at Mullen Lowe. They had entirely unique experiences which really reassured me.

I’d like to thank Tech Partnership Degrees who provided me with this opportunity, as well as David, Freya and everyone at Mullen Lowe Group who took the time to introduce me to the company. I hope to stay in contact and apply for work experience in the near future.’

The work shadowing experience was made possible by Tech Partnership Degrees and Mullen Lowe Group.

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