Maximising all opportunities helped first-class degree Tech Industry Gold graduate secure role at Deutsche Bank


Thomas Chalmers, first-class honours Tech Industry Gold degree graduate, from Queen Mary University of London explains how rising to the challenge, building his technical skills and broadening his horizons helped him secure a graduate role at Deutsche Bank.

What made you decide to study for the Tech Industry Gold accredited degree course?

The Tech Industry Gold accredited degree provided me with a hybrid of skills covering both business and tech. As the degree is created by employers and universities, it has provided me with the skills that employers are looking for in new graduates.

What were the highlights?

The degree provided me with fantastic opportunities to network with other Tech Industry Gold students across the UK and meet top employers across a range of sectors. The bi-annual student/employer events, organised by Tech Partnership Degrees, provided me with access to employers, hearing their tech insights and brought to life what I learned at university.

What were the challenges?

The technical complexity of studying computer science as the core subject became challenging at times. However, if you’re great at problem-solving then you will rise to the challenge.

Congratulations on your first-class honours degree! What did you need to do to go the extra mile to achieve this amazing result?

My advice would be to really ask the “why?” question especially when things get technically difficult. If you can understand the reasoning behind why a system or code is responding in such a way, then your knowledge will ultimately make more sense. I would also suggest to constantly build on your technical skills and broaden your knowledge. Not only will this help in securing the most academically sound degree, but it becomes the most fulfilling.

How has Tech Partnership Degrees helped you in your journey?

Tech Partnership Degrees has provided me with many opportunities that allowed me to build on my technical and soft skills. Furthermore, I was able to showcase my skills set to employers and industry leaders such as when I work shadowed the CEO of Telefonica UK for a day. An opportunity only made possible by Tech Partnership Degrees.

Could you describe your contribution as a Tech Industry Gold (TIG) student ambassador?

My role as a Tech Industry Gold student ambassador was to ensure students had a way to communicate, share ideas and feel a part of the wider TIG community. I facilitated this by creating a weekly community meeting that all TIG students at Queen Mary University of London could attend. This provided a rich community where students could buddy-up with others or simply attend industry presentations. I’m proud to say this will continue for future students helping them to maximise their time at university.

What would you suggest to someone thinking about studying for a Tech Industry Gold degree course?

The Tech Industry Gold degree course has been designed by universities and top tech employers. This means the content is relevant to industry and really helps the search for a career after university. It brings together a rich community of employers who are keen to tap into your knowledge as well as providing exclusive internship opportunities.

Why would you specifically recommend Queen Mary University of London to someone wanting to study a Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

The reputation of Queen Mary University of London as a leading, research-intensive, Russell Group university, brings with it the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field of computing. Furthermore, the unique London campus Queen Mary means you are located close to many employers’ offices, for example, Canary Wharf, Silicon Roundabout or the City of London. The tech opportunities London provides has been fantastic and offered me a great number of opportunities.

Congratulations too on your graduate role at Deutsche Bank – how did you manage to secure this role?

The degree’s curriculum went a long way in setting the foundations of my knowledge and technical skills. However, in a highly competitive graduate market enthusiasm and drive are needed. As I got involved in the opportunities offered through Queen Mary University of London and Tech Partnership Degrees, I felt equipped with the skills and knowledge required for the role at Deutsche Bank. My passion for technology was explored to its maximum at university and without Tech Industry Gold, the dedication and effort I placed on my studies, I doubt I would be where I am today.

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