techUK Resources for Course Directors

At TechSkills, we know how busy you are, so, as part of a pilot, offering free affiliate membership to our degree programme course directors, we have carefully curated the below content from techUK, which we think will be of interest to you:


techUK position paper: Governance for an AI future

Climate Change

How Spectrum Policy Can Help to Tackle Climate Change

Climate Tech: The Innovators

Cyber Security

techUK sets out recommendations to help guide CISOs as organisations continue their digital transformation


Digitising Justice: Putting data at the centre

Data Sharing: Getting the UK back on the right track

Six principles for the future of UK data governance

Emerging Technologies

UK SPF report: UK Universities’ 6G wireless research capacity is in excellent shape

techUK position paper: UK Competitiveness in Autonomous Vehicle Technology


Fast Forward for Digital Jobs Report

Smart Cities

Demystifying the Smart City – working towards better implementation

Technology and the Future of the High Street


techUK report: Quantum commercialisation: Positioning the UK for success

5G Communications

Private network ecosystem: Management model – A new techUK guide

Private networks: a new user guide by techUK