The Tech Industry Gold degree was the best decision to secure an exciting future working in tech


Working part-time and volunteering as a student ambassador contributed to Jasleen Maan acquiring a role as a data manager at UWL. Jasleen explains how the Tech Industry Gold degree was the best decision she made to secure an exciting future working in tech.

What made you decide to study for the Tech Industry Gold degree course?

I chose this degree as it seemed wide-ranging in scope, so potentially could offer different areas to specialise in. It appealed to me as I liked both business and IT subjects and the content of the course looked interesting.

Why did you choose the University of West London (UWL)?

I studied at the University of West London (UWL) as I felt comfortable as soon as I saw the university. I knew from the start UWL was right for me – it just felt right as soon as I walked through the door and it was well located, with easy links to Central London. I was impressed with the university’s claim of having an ‘open door’ policy towards students, which meant you could always find someone to talk to if you had any queries or problems, and this proved to be the case.

What were the highlights?

One of the highlights of the course was being given the opportunity to work on live projects for SEGA using Agile Scrum, which gave me a real insight into how software development and project management is done in the real world. The student/employer events held by Tech Partnership Degrees were also a bi-annual highlight – they were a great way to make an impression on potential employers (I once got spot prized by GE) and to rub shoulders with students on ITMB courses at other universities.

What were the challenges?

There were many challenges, but the biggest challenge would have to be my dissertation which was to create a mobile app and to document its design, development, and evaluation in a 10,000-word report.

What was it like working at UWL and how did you land a fantastic job as a data manager?

Working at UWL for a short while, after I graduated, was great and when I was offered an internship at the School of Computing and Engineering I jumped at the chance. It was while I was working there I saw the job advert for a data manager. Studying ITMB modules such as Information Systems and Databases, and Business Intelligence Technologies certainly helped to secure my job and develop my confidence. At university, I worked part-time, and I was a student ambassador which helped with my interpersonal skills. My current role consists of liaising with staff to design and implement databases for various research studies, as well as maintaining and securing data whilst performing data analysis. It is a challenging and busy job, but I really enjoy it and I am learning a lot.

What would you suggest to someone thinking about studying for a Tech Industry Gold degree course?

If you are unsure of where you want to be after you graduate and want a degree that opens many opportunities in terms of possible careers, then the ITMB is for you. All fields of business, education, and life, in general, are now dominated by IT so studying ITMB means you should never be out of a job! The degree also has some great features such as employer involvement, placements, work shadowing experience, and employer/student events.

How has Tech Partnership Degrees helped you in your journey?

By creating the Tech Industry Gold degree.

What are your summer plans?

Keep on working, start new projects and enjoy the sunshine!

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