No day is the same for me. I rock up to work and every day is different

Matt Rigby studied an ITMB degree at Manchester University and is now a business consultant at IBM. Despite the business focus of Matt’s job, having that technical knowledge has allowed him to have a better understanding of the projects he works on.

What is your current role?
As a business consultant at IBM, I work with clients on a daily basis to address different problems that might occur in the business. I come up with solutions for them and share those solutions across the company. 

How does technology relate to your job role?
Everything I do now involves technology. Recently I’ve worked with two different clients, one in the public sector and the other one in the oil and gas industry. Both have been interesting and both of them use technology in completely different ways – you can’t even imagine.

How has the ITMB degree helped you with your job?
The ITMB degree has been a fantastic introduction for me. ITMB gives you a mix of IT and business skills which can really put you in demand for companies like IBM or similar. These skills really help when working with clients. When a client is talking to you about the technical aspects of a product, the ITMB course gives you really good foundation to answer questions.

What do you love most about your job?
No day is the same for me. I rock up to work and every day is different. The challenges I face every day are different and I like it that way. I like facing new things. I like the flexibility of the job and what I can bring to IBM.

What opportunities have you been given at IBM?
IBM has given me lots of different opportunities in technology. There’s lots of different training programmes that I can go on. As soon as recruits start they have a 4-week introduction around the different aspects of technology we use -both in the business and technology side of things. The induction helps you get a really good general understanding. There are lots of other training courses that happen around the year and they really helps to build up me knowledge of different business aspects.

Any advice for people entering tech?
My tip would be to find something that you’re absolutely passionate about. That may be the tech used to organise events, right through to developing a particular type of code. Really get involved with whatever you find interesting because whatever you love to do is what you’ll enjoy.

How would you encourage more people into tech?
I think that technology sometimes has a stigma around it. In fact, that stigma is not always true because there are 100s of different jobs in technology, and no one is the same. I’m a business consultant, for example, and I focus on the business side of things and the strategy side of things. But there are people who focus more on the technology side of things. Working in tech isn’t formulaic, there is an area for every person and interest.

What do you love about the tech industry?
I love how tech is constantly changing, one day is completely different to the next. Staying up to date with something and trying to find out what’s coming next is what excites me about tech.

Future career plans
Hopefully in the future I’ll still be working with clients. Helping them solve problems is exactly what I want to do. In the future I want to run big programmes with them to really help them improve and transform them.