Tech roles are extremely social and you make great friends


Prabhat Gurung has always enjoyed problem solving, which is why he loves his job as a tech support analyst at IBM. The role requires him to work with people in many different departments and, because of this, Prabhat has made some great friends.

What is your current job role?
I am a Tech Support Analyst for Cognos Analytics. I manage clients and solve their problems. The software is complicated and problems can happen so I try to solve them when they arise. When I’ve solved the problem, I present the solution to the client.

How did you get into that role?
I applied through my university for a placement year. Someone emailed me the opportunity at IBM. I thought IBM was a highly regarded company, I’d heard alot about them so I applied. I gave it a go and luckily I got in!

What do you enjoy most about your job role?
Everything is different and no problem is the same. If all the problems were the same then they would be very easy to solve, because they get logged. I work in a team with 6 other interns so it’s very fun because we’re all the same age. I even now live with 2 of them, so the team aspect is very good. I have lots of friends in IBM, which I love.

What do you like about working at IBM?
There are always new opportunities to learn. There’s also quite a lot of opportunity to give feedback. IBM offers a wide range of volunteering and community work opportunities,which is exciting and allows you to do cool things. I can go back to my university now and talk about IBM to the new students. I get to inspire the next generation of interns. 

What is your educational background?
I study Business Information Systems at university. I do a bit of business studies as well as technology but on the whole I’d say my degree is more technology focused, with elements of business in it. Having this knowledge of business works quite well because I talk to clients on a daily basis at IBM. Having certain skills, such as being able to work in teams and lead people, is essential in today’s environment because a lot of projects that you work on in tech involve these aspects.

Have you got any advice or tips for young people?
Definitely do it. Technology is in everything and every business needs technology. Technology is so exciting, there’s new things coming out every day. You can be a part of it. Start early. Make sure your CV doesn’t have any spelling errors. Ask your tutor for help, because they’re always willing to, and just apply to a lot of things. Don’t get disheartened if you get rejected. I got rejected from 10 applications and I still ended up here, so I think I did alright.

What interested you into tech?
I liked playing video games at a very young age so that led to me exploring different technologies. I think I was just a lazy person, so if I could find a way to make something easier I would. As I got older I started getting into computers. That interest led to where I am now.

What are your future career plans?
I want to graduate and hopefully get a graduate job at IBM as a consultant.