Jani Wijesinghe, ITMB graduate

By Jani Wijesinghe

My passion for technology and business has driven me to want to work in this constantly evolving environment. Finding new and innovative ways to use technology, exploring creative solutions to enhance entertainment and change people’s lives is the core to my interest in Computing. I am also interested in Computing because it requires me to think logically and analytically, two skills which are heavily required by my University modules and which I am keen to develop in the future.

My ambition for Computing and enthusiasm for business has allowed me to acknowledge how developers are sculpting interactive stories, characters and immersive worlds into digital code. It fascinates me how as a designer, developers work in teams and have unlimited opportunity to create anything that is accessible to millions.

I have always anticipated furthering my studies in the field of IT & Business as I felt that subjects were somewhat demanding in the job world today. I believed a degree combining both these aspects were the correct choice for me.

I have always enjoyed studying both ICT and Business in sixth form. Both these subjects enabled me to re-evaluate and break down complex problems into a set of easy problems. Having taken math as an AS subject allowed me to deal with abstract concepts and improved my logical skills. Therefore, I chose a degree which enables me to acquire technical computer skills including those in system analysis and software engineering whilst also gaining experience in areas of business such as finance and project management. I felt that it makes it more interesting to study two subject that complement each other.

When I started to look at degrees I wanted to do, I came across that I was able to do a degree in Computing for Business (ITMB). This degree allows you to gain both theoretical and practical aspects of business and IT.

An ITMB degree gives you access to a lot of areas including guest Industry Insight lectures which are delivered by top industry experts – this is where you can gain an insight to what life is like in that company and hear their stories. All ITMB students are also given the opportunity to be part of networking events that take part both in the north & south of England. This is an ideal opportunity as students get the chance to meet and speak with top IT employers. There are also competitions that are run throughout the day where there are rewards given to the team of winners. These events motivated a lot of students as it enabled many to use their team working and interpersonal skills – such skills that are vital in the job world today.

I am currently in my 4th year (Final Year) at Aston University, Birmingham. My degree was a sandwich degree which offered my 3rd year as an industrial placement year.

I did my 12 month placement with the company Cummins as an IT Business Analyst. Having taken a placement year within my university degree has been incredible learning opportunity, as all of the projects I got to be part allowed me to develop my skillset throughout the year.

My week consisted of several meetings with various people(UK/Abroad), this allowed me to understand the different ways that people work in including their preferences, motivations, strengths and limitations as everyone is different and you need to make sure you use the right technique and correct manner when engaging effectively both independently and as part of a team.

Once I completed my 12-month placement, I went on to do a summer internship with BPM-D, an innovative dynamic startup that is an expert in establishing and applying Business Process Management discipline. I thoroughly enjoyed this internship as my role was of a Consultant intern. I got exposure to one of their main projects with an MNC Client in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was also given the opportunity to travel and spend time there where I got to gain insight to what a consultant lifestyle was like and how to speak with key stakeholders. I’ve also been given the chance to do my FYP (Final Year Project) with them, which I am looking forward to working on.

As I was fortunate this year to explore an analyst role and consultant role with both a large and small company, my love for IT grew even more. I feel like this year has made me decide of what career path I’d like to follow after graduating.

I am thoroughly looking forward to completing my final year and continuing to progress both professionally and personally.

I feel that doing an ITMB degree has opened many possibilities for industrial exposure, ever since I found my summer internship via the Tech Partnership’s student mobile app.


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