Tech Industry Gold Accreditation

Tech Industry Gold Accredited logoTech Industry Gold is the industry accreditation for tech education and training. It is a formal accreditation for programmes meeting industry standards for job readiness.

Tech Industry Gold is managed by employer skills body TechSkills, which is recognised as a Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) for the accreditation of degrees in the UK.

Building on its impact in degree and degree apprenticeship provision, it is now offered for intensive training programmes leading to employment in tech and digital careers. If as an employer/training provider, you are interested in getting your eligible programmes considered for Tech Industry Gold accreditation, please contact [email protected].

Learners successfully completing accredited programmes are awarded Tech Industry Gold Credentials, designed to showcase skills and helping employers in the hiring process.

Employers, educators and learners become part of the Tech Industry Gold Community, gaining access to unique knowledge sharing forums and a wealth of student development opportunities.

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