Tech Industry Gold accredited programmes deliver outstanding academic results, employment outcomes and diversity.


Tech Industry Gold Full-time Degrees

UK under magnifying glass There are over 1,100 undergraduates on full time Tech Industry Gold degrees in 15 universities.
mortarboard 84% of graduates gain 1sts or 2:1s, compared to 70% for Computer Science degrees overall.
handshake Compared to all degree subjects, Tech Industry Gold degrees provide the best preparation for employment except for Medicine & Dentistry, and the best preparation for self-employment / starting a business.
pound sign 50% of graduates are earning at least £25,000 p.a. six months after graduating, compared to 37% for Computer Science overall.
briefcase Graduates are far less likely to be unemployed six months after graduation than Computer Science graduates overall. (3% v 8%).
women There is more than double the proportion of females compared to Computer Science degrees overall (31% v 14%).


Tech Industry Gold Degree Apprenticeships


UK under magnifying glass There are over 1,600 degree apprentices on Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships, employed by more than 80 companies.  27 universities have accredited courses.
mortarboard The first two cohorts of 64 degree apprentices have now graduated, with 91% achieving 1sts / 2:1s.
women The proportion of female graduates from Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships is 19%higher than full time Computer Science degrees overall (14%) and the digital workforce overall (17%).


SOURCE – Degrees

Data analysis by Sagacity Research. Source: HESA Student Record 2016/17; HESA DLHE Record 2016/17, released September 2018.

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SOURCE – Degree apprenticeships

Graduations 2016-17 and 2017-18, data provided by universities to Tech Partnership Degrees, January 2019 (now TechSkills).


Updated January 2019