Tech Industry Gold Credentials

Tech Industry Gold Digital Credentials prove job ready skills in a form which is easy to understand and portable across companies, sectors and geographies. Credentials are offered to learners who successfully complete accredited programmes, helping employers to assess individuals’ skillsets and match them to job vacancies.

Each credential includes a clear description of the skills and knowledge required to achieve it. They can be shared on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and incorporated into CVs.

Find out about credentials for full-time degrees, credentials for degree apprenticeships and credentials for training programmes.

Credentials have been recently introduced and are currently being piloted. During this pilot, TechSkills is working with a small group of educational institutes to ensure the value and processes of credentials. Find out more about the pilot study.

If you have any questions about Tech Industry Gold credentials, please email [email protected].

Certified Skills Credentials provide evidence of a completion of a Tech Industry Gold programme. They clearly state the skills and knowledge earned during this programme.
Experience Badges provide evidence of other Tech Industry Gold developmental experience and recognition which have value to employers. These apply for example to winners of national student competitions and national apprenticeship awards.
Relationship Badges help people build connections as members of the Tech Industry Gold Community.

Tech Industry Gold Credentials are issued through Credly, the largest credentialling network in the world. Click here for FAQs.