Business Intelligence Foundation Credential

Foundation Credentials are awarded to individuals who have successfully completed a Tech Industry Gold accredited Foundation Training Programme. They have passed a classroom assessment proving their knowledge and skills in a process which is quality assured by TechSkills.

The credentials include core skills (ie the core content applicable to all foundation training programmes) and specialist skills relevant to different pathways into digital and tech careers.

Credential Business Intelligence Foundation
Issued by TechSkills, a techUK company
Type Certified Skills
Description This individual has demonstrated an understanding of the techniques and practices for collecting, storing and analysing data associated with the performance of a company, liaising with stakeholders to deliver business value. They have successfully completed a Tech Industry Gold accredited training programme, meeting industry skills standards for employability in entry level Business Intelligence roles with a holistic blend of technical, business, project and professional skills.
Skills tags
  • Business Intelligence Lifecycle
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Business Value And Risk
  • Communication
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Security
  • Data Warehousing
  • Intelligence Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Teamwork
Earning Criteria This individual has successfully completed a classroom assessment proving their knowledge of the following:

  • Technical foundations including systems development lifecycle stages, data management and analysis, use of visualisation tools, safety and security.
  • Business understanding including the application of technology to deliver business value, risk management, and regulation and compliance.
  • Project management processes and tools, including planning, delivery, evaluation and the management of, quality, stakeholder communications and risk.
  • Professional skills including client communications, teamwork, self-direction and personal performance improvement.
  • The planning and delivery of Business Intelligence projects to optimise business value.
  • Methods and tools for user requirements elicitation and validation.
  • Integrating and cleansing data from different sources and in different format using industry standard tools and techniques.
  • Implementing data warehouse models, and utilising different approaches to database design and development.
  • Data analysis and reporting for decision making by different stakeholders.
  • Solution evaluation methods to improve value through iterative design and testing.
  • Ethics and data security, including detection of bias and prejudice in data.
Standards Tech Industry Gold is the industry accreditation for tech and digital skills. Successful completers of Tech Industry Gold accredited programmes have met industry standards covering the holistic blend of technical, business, project and professional skills required for job readiness. Tech Industry Gold is led by employers and managed by TechSkills.