Meet Freya

Freya Juniper-Nine, Senior Software Engineer at Sainsbury's

Freya, Sainsbury'sI originally got into Computer Science via mathematics. I was always good at Maths at school, so it seemed an obvious choice to pursue at university. However, I never found maths particularly interesting and chose to do a degree in Archaeology and Maths. Whilst studying these subjects, I took a module in programming for mathematicians, and a module on virtual worlds in archaeology.

During the programming module I fell in love with the practical application of maths and the logical process involved in writing code. During the archaeology module I became very aware of the importance and far reaching applications of software. My degree taught me the basics of coding but more importantly the need for software solutions.

I work in Software Engineering now because I love the practical side of making things to solve our users’ problems. My job is more than just coding. I really enjoy working in a collaborative way with our colleagues, to try to improve users’ lives and then implementing software solutions.