Meet Timea

Timea Molnar, Scrum Master, Digital & Technology at Sainsbury's

Timea, Sainsbury'sI studied Maths, Gymnastics and Languages in my early school years but as I progressed in my studies I needed to decide which subjects I like to put more emphasis on. For secondary school I decided to learn new languages and so ended up going to a dual language school where I studied English and German.

Before university I asked myself the same question again, ‘should I progress in something related to Science, Sport or Languages?’ This time I put more focus on Maths and programming skills and I did an MSc in Computer Science at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest. In my final years of studying, I also started working as a developer at Lufthansa Systems- which I enjoyed a lot. Although after a while I started to study interpretation and translation as well.

I found it hard to stay away from programming but always searched for opportunities to learn new skills which I can share. I ended up being an agile coach for the teams who are creating new digital solutions. I love helping them to improve, grow and to find new ways of developing as teams. I have been coaching several teams from all over the world and decided to join Sainsbury’s in January, 2016.

As we were on the beginning of our journey as a digital company, I think this was a really great time to join the team. It is good to be part of Sainsbury’s and to work in an environment which is continuously growing.