Technical Engineer

Technical engineer

A technical engineer is a person that is able to architect, install, service and repair the computer hardware and/or communication systems within or between organisations.  From designing equipment such as routers, switches, multiplexers, and other specialized computer/electronics equipment to maintaining computer networks and hardware, a technical engineer is the backbone of an organisation’s technology systems.

Skills and aptitude

Skills and aptitudes that would be useful for someone in a technical engineer role might include:

  • A passion for engineering
  • Curious
  • Problem Solving
  • Methodical
  • Communication
  • Good at maths

Entry-level technical engineer job roles

Someone entering a technical engineer job role might have the following job titles, so look out for them while you're doing your research into possible future careers:

  • Hardware Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • Support Engineer
  • Support Engineer